April 9 - HMS Endurance has arrived back in the UK onboard Dockwise heavy lift semi-submersible vessel, Target.

The two ships can be seen below anchored off Portsmouth harbour on the UK South Coast awaiting for safety inspections and planning meetings, prior to being underloaded after which HMS Endurance will be towed into Portsmouth Naval Base for repairs.


The Royal Navy ice patrol ship suffered an engine room flooding accident in December when sailing west along the Magellan strait which left her without propulsion or energy.

With help from the Chilean Navy, the ship, which was adrift, was recovered and towed initially to Punta Arenas and then to the Falklands.

Dockwise dry-transported the Royal Navy ship after engineering, fabricating and fitting a support structure to Target's deck.

Dockwise CEO, Andre Goedée is pleased to be able to assist the UK Ministry of Defence and comments: "We discussed the MoD's request knowing that it was an urgent requirement and that it was vital for the UK's overseas interests to get the HMS Endurance repaired and back to operational status as soon as possible."