November 21 - Holleman Bulgaria has transported three over-dimensional chemical plant components - two evaporators and one separator - from Plovdiv in Bulgaria to the German port of Regensburg.

Each evaporator weighed 78 tonnes and had the dimensions 27 m x 4.05 m x 3.85 m; while the separator measured 7 m x 3.7 m x 3.9 m and weighed in at 9 tonnes. The total dimensions of each loaded truck were 37 m x 4.05 m x 4.95 m, with a combined weight of 120 tonnes.

The cargo was transported over 400 km from the factory in Plovdiv to the German port, which took a total of two days. 

During the transporation of the units, which involved a police escort during delivery, Holleman had to arrange for electricity lines to be disabled; and managed a variety of transport situations including the crossing of railway tracks.

Holleman Bulgaria is a member of both the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) and the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network.