September 3 - IBC Internationale Spedition, based in Linz, Austria, and Daewon Logipia Co. Ltd, from Seoul, South Korea, teamed up to handle a project shipment of reactors.

Earlier this summer, the client of IBC, who deals with reactors all over the world, ordered the company to coordinate its shipment to Dongducheon, South Korea with a crucial delivery date of July 27, 2013, due to high penalty fees for any late delivery.

The dimensions of each of these cases - 4.35 m x 4.35 m x 3.5 m - produced a challenge for IBC and the trucking companies to organise permits in time to catch a vessel that would meet this deadline.

IBC finally managed to arrange a vessel which was scheduled to sail at the beginning of June and arrive at the port of Busan by mid-July.

After the arrival of the cargo, Daewon Logipia discharged the units at the Korean port, arranged import Customs clearance and due to bad weather conditions, quickly organised tarpaulins for all cases in order to deliver the cargo undamaged to the jobsite.

The cargo reached the factory on July 26 to the full satisfaction of all parties concerned, says IBC.

IBC Internationale Spedition and Daewon Logipia Co. Ltd are members of the Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN).