June 8 - INTTRA and SeaIntel are joining forces to bring greater visibility to the ocean shipping industry through a first of its kind monthly report on key reliability measures.

SeaIntel will enhance its current report on schedule reliability with actual delivery performance data from INTTRA. On-time delivery and schedule reliability are both critical measures to gain a deeper understanding of what underlies industry performance and predictability. Making the report's information immediately actionable and more valuable to shipping decision makers, SeaIntel will distribute the report within two weeks of month end.

In addition to the monthly report, INTTRA and SeaIntel will also collaborate to publish a series of analysis reports looking more deeply at other factors that contribute to industry on-time performance. With over 35 ocean carriers and NVOCCs, 200,000 users and more than 800,000 individual container status messages per day, INTTRA's network provides visibility into the richest dataset in the industry.

"We've made it our mission to drive continuous improvements into the shipping processes that impact our carriers and shippers," said INTTRA's CEO Ken Bloom.

"That passion has translated into the largest network for ocean shipping and a set of data that we can now leverage to reach additional insights and drive additional improvements back into the industry."

"SeaIntel already provides the most timely and comprehensive measurements on schedule reliability, however enhancing this with access to INTTRA's vast multi-carrier transaction and tracking database, will result in a quantum leap in the way we can measure and understand a multitude of service parameters," said Lars Jensen, CEO of SeaIntel Maritime Analysis.

"With INTTRA's approach to performance analysis, we have the unique ability to also look into shipper behaviours like amendments, changes and cancellations that can further impact carrier performance," added Jensen.

"We are very pleased to be working with one of the ocean shipping industries leading analyst firms, SeaIntel, to provide our customers with unique insight into their trading partners performance," said Eileen Garry, CMO, INTTRA. "As the largest, most accurate and richest source of industry data, INTTRA and SeaIntel will provide the ocean shipping industry with the most timely and complete analysis available."