October 11 - As part of the T

The unit was loaded in Japan together with seven other large reactors with weights ranging from 500 to 700 tonnes.
Transportation from the port of Derince to the jobsite was not feasible, so a pontoon was chartered to transfer the cargo.

At the port of destination, the quay had been damaged by an earthquake and had to be reinforced in accordance with COORDINADORA's calculations. The company's engineering department designed and built a special steel ro-ro ramp, 12 m in length and able to bear more than 1,000 tonnes to avoid putting pressure on the first five metres of the quayside edge.

The cracking reactor was loaded directly from the ship onto SPMTs with 20-axle lines and this was then loaded on the pontoon barge.

All ballasting procedures were calculated and managed on site by COORDINADORA, and the the company's engineers also designed special transportation beams on which the cargo was supported.