August 3 - Russian logistics provider, JSC Transafe Logistics called in Volga-Dnepr Airlines to meet a short deadline for the delivery of a complex out-of-gauge shipment of oil refinery equipment.

Containing 26 pieces, the shipment included two out-of-gauge crates transporting a 29,900 tonnes compressor and a lube oil unit measuring 3.31 m high. The cargo was destined for part of the isomerisation project at the Omsk refinery.

Achieving a timely launch of the project was critical for the refinery as the compressor represents one of the refinery's most sophisticated pieces of equipment.

The entire transit time for the 51 tonnes shipment took three days from its departure from Tokyo's Narita Airport to off-loading at the Omsk facility.

One of Volga-Dnepr Airlines' AN-124-100 freighters and special handling equipment developed by the airline was used for the flight, which was accompanied by representatives of JSC Transafe Logistics.