November 25 - Jumbo has completed a number of shipments as part of the first stage of the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal project in Queensland, Australia.

Work on the project began in May of this year, with the first of six consecutive transportations of large and heavy equipment from China to Australia, using Jumbo's multipurpose vessel, Fairpartner.

The largest piece of equipment shipped by Jumbo's J-class vessels during the project was a 537-tonne and 126 m long stacker bridge, for which a project specific lifting frame was developed to ensure safe handling of the cargo.

The shipments have consisted of wharf decks, as well as gantries, which were stacked and transported with as many as seven being carried in one go.

Jumbo's in house engineering team was also responsible for the design of a set of lifting beams capable of handling eight modules of differing sizes and weights.

Jumbo's involvement with the project is set to continue next year with the transportation of the final set of wharf decks, and the final transportation of the shiploader, with a total weight of 1,200 tonnes and the dimensions 76.5 m x 48 m x 28.5 m, from Port Klang in Malaysia.



Watch a video of the Jumbo Jubilee lifting and discharging a wharf deck here: