April 26 - Jumbo Shipping's heavy load carrier Jumbo Javelin has transported a number of super-heavy components for the Sadara Integrated Chemical Complex, Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

Jumbo executed the project on behalf of South Korean construction company Daelim, who has the EPC contract for the main mixed feed cracker of the Sadara project.
The consignment was made up of a 1,272 tonne component measuring 100.1 m x 9.73 m x 9.83 m; a 1,216 tonne oil quench tower with dimensions of 63.97 m x 15.22 m x 13.92 m; in addition to an 860 tonne water quench tower measuring 58.6 m x 11.3 m x 11.6 m. All of the giant components were loaded at Masan, South Korea.
The two longest pieces had to be stowed diagonally across the Jumbo Javelin deck.