September 24 - Jumbo Offshore's Jumbo Javelin has successfully installed its first Transition Piece (TP), off the UK's south east coast.

This is the first time that a TP has been transported and installed with only one DP2 vessel. The installation trial included leveling and grouting operations and even the removal of the TP. 

Having loaded the 255 tonnes TP in Flushing, it was transported to the offshore location. There, the Jumbo Javelin was positioned next to the monopile and the TO was lifted from the lower hold onto the monopile. After leveling the TP to its final position, the grouting procedure was tested. 

Jumbo says this was the first time that a TP was placed on a monopile from a free floating vessel on DP. The whole operation was completed in approximately 24 hours and was performed as planned with respect to every detail: transportation, installation, accessibility of the TP, grouting and, importantly, safety. 

Jumbo Javelin is able to carry nine TPs at a time, each with weights up to 300 tonnes. All the TPs can be stowed vertically in the hold of the vessel and transported to the offshore location. 

Using a DP positioned heavy lift vessel compared to the conventional method of moving and installing TPs offers various advantages says Jumbo. The vessel is used for transporting a considerable load and effects fast transit to the installation site. The relocation from one position to the next is also relatively fast, as the vessel does not need to reposition anchors, or jack up and down again. 

Jumbo is making a short video on You Tube. Go to 'jumboheavylift' or click on: