May 22 - Jumbo Jubilee has transported and discharged 14 of the 25 Material Offloading Facility (MOF) caissons for the Chevron-operated Gorgon Project on Barrow Island, Australia.

So far the operation has been undertaken as planned in all areas - safety, environmental conservation, transportation, mooring and tidal discharging.

The contract for the transport and discharge of the caissons was awarded to Jumbo by DB Schenker, on behalf of the Saipem Leighton Consortium.

Jumbo says that Jumbo Jubilee has a unique deck lay out, enormous hold capacity and can sail with open hatches, which makes it possible to make optimum use of the capacity and transport seven caissons at once while maintaining a minimum ship draught.

In four shipments, Jumbo Jubilee will transport 25 caissons from Port Klang, Malaysia to Barrow Island, Australia.

The caissons, weighing from 600 tonnes up to 700 tonnes are lifted from a barge and placed in the hold of the vessel for transport.

At Barrow Island, Jumbo uses anchor points and mooring lines to keep the vessel in position while discharging the caissons. The caissons form the base of the future Material Offloading Facility.

As Barrow Island is a 'Class A Nature Reserve', Jumbo has developed and implemented a strict quarantine compliance plan, including an extensive familiarisation and environmental training programme.

Jumbo Jubilee will make two more voyages from Port Klang to Barrow Island transporting the MOF caissons.

Jumbo says that by performing on schedule, it is helping to ensure that the project meets its critical path requirements in the development of the Barrow Island Heavy Lift Facility.

Demobilisation of Jumbo Jubilee is planned in July 2012.