November 16 - Project and heavylift forwarder Spedition K

Kübler used its new equipment for the first time during transport operations involving on-site transportation of a 60 tonne processing machine. For the 13m long, 3m wide and 3.4m high piece of machinery, the six-axle InterCombi PB was used.

"For the first operations, we carried out on-site transportation with axle loads up to 36 tonnes. Conditions in the production halls were in part extremely tight which meant we literary had no available space left when doing the theoretical planning with CAD. However, our driver could manoeuvre very sensitively with the power booster so that he could easily position the vehicle with millimetre accuracy," said Heinz Rößler, Kübler managing director.

The next operation for the 2 x 4-axle InterCombi PB was its use in the movement of a 235-tonne injection moulding machine.

Both companies, Scheuerle and Kübler, are members of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network: Scheuerle as a supporting industry manufacturer while Spedition Kübler is a CEE member in Germany for heavy haulage. CEE is a global network for cargo equipment owners such as haulers, crane operators, tug and barge operators, stevedores and export packers, port operators and air cargo handling equipment owners and supporting industry, serving the heavy and outsized cargo industry.