October 21 - Michelfeld, Germany headquartered K

The large central segment - an 8.5 m wide and 9.3 m high unit - was transported on two 14-axle Scheuerle Intercombi platform cars working side-by-side across the town, from the airport to the inland port of Dresden.

In order to negotiate the busy main roads with the oversized platform car, Kübler had to organise cranes to lift two bridges, as well as several traffic lights and street lamps.

After eight hours on the road the cargo was transhipped by two mobile cranes at the heavy load facility in Dresden port onto Shir Khan, an inland waterway barge, for its journey down the river Elbe to Hamburg.

The cargo arrived at the dock of the Airbus premises in Hamburg after one week, where it was moved to one of Airbus' special trucks and delivered to the client.

Kübler carried out a similar project in 2004, with the transportation of three fuselage sections for the A 380 from Hamburg to the IABG / IAM test facility at Dresden airport.

Kübler Spedition is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Germany.