February 18 - Kuebler Spedition had to overcome challenging conditions to deliver heavy machinery to a car manufacturing plant.

Kuebler Spedition was tasked with shifting a 180-tonne pressing machine to a car factory in Sindelfingen, near Stuttgart, Germany.

During the project an unforeseen blizzard struck, delivering 5 cm of snow in only 10 minutes. The treacherous conditions forced the transport to a complete stop. Kuebler decided to wait 24 hours until weather conditions had improved to resume the project.

As well as the elements to contend with, Kuebler Spedition had to negotiate traffic signs, bridges and roundabouts in order to deliver the over-dimensional cargo.

Kuebler Spedition also had to secure special permits from the German authorities to allow the heavy-duty vehicle to move backwards down some parts of the motorway network, in order to prevent a complete blockage of the roadway.

Kuebler Spedition is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network, representing Germany.