January 19 - As reported by HLPFI in late October, 2010, the Multilift Group took delivery of the Scheuerle STB 1000, a side girder deck of unrivalled dimensions, said material handling equipment manufacturer Scheuerle.

For the transportation of increasingly larger generators and transformers, the vehicle was designed for a maximum payload of up to 620 tonnes and built within a very short time frame.

At the end of last year, the first transport of a Siemens transformer took place with the movement of an 870 tonne shipment of Siemens transformer and ancillary equipment from Nuremberg to Wilhelmshaven: the largest major move ever in Wilhelmshaven according to Scheuerle.

The two-day move using the STB 1000 began at the Siemens transformer plant in Nuremberg. The transformer was carried on two 14-axle InterCombi trailers. Due to limited space, the transportation out of the Siemens production hall was only made possible by using the additional coupled InterCombi PowerBooster units which meant there was no need for a pushing vehicle. The 100 m long combination was then driven to the Nuremberg heavy load quay.

The next day, the 13 m long transformer load was rolled onto a pontoon for the journey along the Rhein-Main-Donau canal to the Netherlands via Dordrecht and Delfzijl. Then after some delays caused by weather, the transportation continued over the North Sea to Wilhelmshaven where the transformer was delivered to the Lüneberg quay.