December 28 - According to reports in the international oil and gas media, Drydocks World Southeast Asia Pte Limited will build at its Drydocks World - Graha yard the GustoMSC NG-9000C-HPE wind turbine installation jackup vessel for an undisclosed client.

The reports indicate that the jackup will be the largest of its kind serving the wind turbine installation market, featuring a 6,500 tonne variable load capacity, a fully redundant DP2 system, a continuous hydraulic jacking system and an 800 tonne GustoMSC crane, fitted on top of a jack-house around the jack-up leg. Delivery is anticipated in early 2012.

GustoMSC provides the basic design and turnkey supply of the jacking system and main crane. 
This project continues a cooperation between Drydocks World Southeast Asia and GustoMSC that since 2005 has seen the designing and building of four SEA-2000 construction jackups, four CJ46-X100D drilling jackups, two service jack construction / decommissioning jackups and one SEA-2750 multipurpose jackup.

The typical NG-9000C-HPE wind turbine installation jackup is around 130 m long and 39 m wide, with 81.5 m long legs, and an ability to work year round in 45 m of water in the North Sea.

Earlier this month, Gusto announced 30 of its proprietary designs are still under construction and that nine units had been delivered during the second half of 2009.