November 22 - Logwin has arranged the transportation of pipe systems weighing 360 tonnes from G

The pipe systems were carried onboard four Antonov 124s chartered by Chapman Freeborn on Logwin's behalf.

The freight consisted of pipes for a heat exchange system and each bundle was packed in custom-made steel frames for transport, designed to fit the Antonov's dimensions precisely and equipped with the parts needed to secure the load safely. The freight for each plane consists of three elements each 21.1 m long and weighing 30 tonnes.

Two special cranes were needed to lift the extremely heavy components from the flat-bed truck to the aircraft's loading carriage.

Logwin's partner for Scandinavia, Trust Forwarding, was also involved in the project and had staff on site together with Logwin employees from Germany and Chile, as well as Chapman Freeborn experts to help load each Antonov.