April 16 - SAL Heavy Lift's Lone has loaded two Tukan 1500 cranes, manufactured by Kirow Ardelt GmbH, in Germany for shipment to Tunisia.

The cranes weighed up to 285 tonnes, but in this case, the dimensions of the cranes were more challenging than their weight as the heavier harbour crane measured about 23 m x 13 m x 50 m, said SAL.

Rhenus Project Logistics handled the transport of the cranes, which were transported in parts from respective sites in Poland and Germany to the port of Wilhelmshaven, where the cranes were fully erected for shipment to Tunisia.

SAL explained that the limited clearance between the lifting beams and machine house deck required exceptionally careful crane handling during loading and discharging, as only 35 cm were left between the grommets attached to the lifting beams and the machine house deck.

Stormy weather conditions required Lone to stop off in the UK's port of Torquay, before continuing its journey to Tunisia and offloading the cranes in the ports of Sfax and Gabès.