April 29 - Following a report by AXS Alphaliner that MACS has removed two ships from its Europe-South Africa multi-purpose and breakbulk service, a spokesman for MACS has moved to reassure customers that there will be little impact on the frequency or spa

MACS has advised HLPFI that like all lines in the trade, it had seen a reduction in cargo volumes since the boom times of last year, but also added that congestion in South African ports had sometimes caused delays in cargo loading and discharge last year.

"The service will operate on an 11-day frequency with five multi-purpose units which is only one day more than the previous schedule," said the spokesman. MACS will also upgrade its feeder Service MEAS to East African destinations in June 2009.

The two ships have been redeployed on the Gulf Africa Line, which is a joint service between MACS and Dannebrog that operates between Southern Africa, Mexico and USA.

The MACS multi-purpose vessels offer the option to transport any type of project cargo, as well as ro-ro shipments, container/reefer and bulkparcels. Specially-designed ships' gear allows the line to handle heavy lifts and long length units independent of shore cranes in any port. The large ramp capacity of the MACS ships allows very heavy mobile cargo, such as roadbuilding machinery or railway locomotives, to be rolled aboard.

MACS also confirmed that it is anticipating the arrival of six multi-purpose newbuildings ordered in China - with the first planned for delivery at the end of next year.

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