September 19 - From the beginning of the project in June 2010, Marmedsa Proyectos has been active in the ACS Cobra principal project Castor.

Located 10 nautical miles from Vinaros (Castellón), Spain, it will become the largest underground gas deposit in Spain, with over 1.3 billion cu m of capacity. The offshore plant will begin operations in May 2012.

Some of the main suppliers that are participating in this project are: Saipem SpAJapan DrillingMitsui & Co Ltd. and Kiewit Offshore Services, amongst others.

Marmedsa Proyectos has been involved in the delivery of onshore and offshore cargoes (pipelines, casing, drilling pipes, bends and construction materials) for the compression, transportation, storage, production, treatment and re-injection of natural gas into the public grid. 

The company has also handled the discharge, transport, storage and loading of the cargo described above, working both at Castellon and Vinaros Ports.

Other services rendered by Marmedsa for this project include ships' husbandry, customs clearance, maintenance at Vinaros Terminal, as well as general services.