January 29 - Brazil's Megatranz has transported a 456-tonne condensation tower from Arat

Megatranz mobilised 40 axle lines of Scheuerle InterCombi trailers and a third file including 2x4 lines of InterCombi PowerBoosters, to complete the shipment.

Due to the challenging dimensions of the cargo - 9.55 m x 8.55 m x 62.4 m - Megatranz decided to use a 3-file combination with incorporated Scheuerle InterCombi PowerBooster modules to broaden its base and increase the stability and wheel base of the vehicle.

The condensation tower, which was shipped to Brazil from Shanghai, was lifted onto the Scheuerle Intercombi with the help of two 900-tonne capacity cranes.

During the transportation from the Aratú Navy Base quay in Salvador to the Camaçari Petrochemical Complex, various power lines and telephone, cable TV and data network cables had to be lifted or removed along the way, alongside a pedestrian walkway which also had to be temporarily raised.

Once the cargo had reached the BASF jobsite, the trailer's hydraulic system was used to lower the tower and by supporting its two saddles on four main supports, an adequate ground pressure was provided according to the job site's soil capacity.