March 31 - Mammoet has turned the Venezuelan port of G

The port of Güiria saw its heavy lifting demand increase after the Venezuelan National Oil Company, PDVSA, decided to build a new power plant 20 km further inland.

Mammoet's MTC-15 adds considerable crane capacity to the small local port, making it possible to bypass the nearest heavy lift facilities and the port of Trinidad and transport the power station modules and materials directly to Güiria, saving a considerable amount of time and resources.

Mammoet has been subcontracted by Elecnor to transport a total of 40,000 freight tonnes, consisting of four turbines, four generators and other general cargo for the Venezuelan power plant.

The first two turbines, two generators and general cargo have arrived from their departure ports in Europe and USA, and Mammoet is currently in the process of offloading the materials from the vessel Jetstream onto trailers in order to transport the cargo to its final destination at the building site Juan Manuel Valdez.

The MTC-15 is a fully-containerised heavy lifting device with a load moment capacity equal to a large 600- to 750-tonne crawler crane, developed with the purpose of providing general ports with heavy lift capabilities in a matter of days, explained Mammoet.