March 14 - Myanmar has hosted its first-ever international logistics event with freight forwarders coming from all over the world to meet in Yangon to explore the local market.

The event was a joint function between Super Cargo Pros and Project Cargo Nexus and took place at the Chatrium Hotel in Yangon during March 12-14.
"With years of international sanctions at an end Myanmar has slowly been rejoining the world. Naturally, with this comes new global ties and new business opportunities. International freight should be and will be at the forefront in this aspect," explained Gary Dale Cearley, managing director of Advanced International Networks (AIN), the organiser of the Super Cargo Pros and Project Cargo Nexus events.
"This is exactly why we wanted to shine a spotlight on this country. There is a plethora of opportunity here for those who want to find it," Cearley said, "the feedback we got from the attendees was very positive."