April 23 - The last two of a series of five seminars presented by HLPFI safety correspondent, Richard Krabbendam and sponsored by Van Beest Greenpin are about to take place in Houston from May 7-8, 2010 and Frankfurt from June 25-26, 2010.

Each seminar starts at 09:00h and ends at 17:00h and will be of interest to anyone handling project cargoes for petrochemical plants, LNG trains, power plants, building offshore modules, constructing vessels. Click on following link for the detailed programme: http://www.heavyliftspecialist.com/extensive-seminar/

Each seminar deals with such issues as trailer stability; 3 and 4 point suspension systems; sling forces, load stability, trailer selection, risk analysis, safety culture.

All 11 presentations will be illustrated with a lot of video footage / animations and pictures showing how certain things should not be done and how it can be done correctly.

The cost is EUR900 per person (USD1,200).