December 28 - French vehicle manufacturer NICOLAS has launched a new 350 tonne side girder deck, with Norwegian transport company Statnett Transport taking delivery of the first deck off the production line.

The NICOLAS side girder deck is capable of transporting goods up to 15 m in length; and it is equipped with hydraulic widening equipment that allows the width of the deck to adjust from 2.3 m to 4.3 m. Nicolcas says that the vehicle has a low deadweight and a length raging from 57 m, to 80 m with trucks. Total lift is 1.68 m.

The side girder deck is combined with a NICOLAS MDEL-R module, but can be coupled with all existing types of NICOLAS modules. The deck can be coupled with 2 x 10 axle lines, 2 x 12 axle lines and 2 x 14 axle lines respectively.

The complete set of equipment delivered includes several types of central beams - one set of 12.7 m beams and another set measuring 15.5 m. In order to be able to transport very high cargo, NICOLAS has designed extension parts that allow the central beams to be transported in a lower position.

NICOLAS noted that the new vehicle is suited for the transport of electrical transformers and generators.