November 1 - Holland Moving & Rigging Supplies has developed a hydrostatically driven module initially designed for transporting 272 tonne bridge tub girders.

Each module consists of two Holland dollies each containing two hydraulic lifting cylinders.

Positioned on top of the four hydraulic cylinders is a bolster and turntable. The turntable allows the dollies to pivot under cumbersome loads while traveling from the factory to the barge loading dock.

In use, two modules are placed under the load and electronically steered via wireless remote control.King pin steering allows the wheels to turn at the axles similar to a car. Articulated and crab steering allows the units to manoeuvre in tight quarters.

Holland Moving & Rigging Supplies says that the two modules can be used as an alternative to a standard platform trailer.

Company spokesperson, Natalie Hammer says: "Load tracking makes the two independent modules work together as if they were physically connected as one unit. The rear module uses sensors to track the location of the turntable and adjusts the wheels on the rear module automatically. This option allows the operator to focus on the front module alone versus trying to control both simultaneously. Load tracking is most beneficial when traveling longer distances."

Holland Moving & Rigging Supplies or HMR Supplies located in Forest City, Iowa is an OEM that has been providing products for the heavy transport industry for over 30 years. HMR Supplies also uses its diverse manufacturing capabilities, 3-D modeling software and highly experienced personnel to design, test, certify and deliver custom designs for unique heavy material handling needs.