November 17 - Having delivered more than 1000 pendle-axle lines since the introduction of its Pendel-X low loader in 2005, Nooteboom has modified some important features of the equipment and relaunched it as the PX2 Pendel-X low-loader.

According to a company statement, the axle travel of the PX2 is increased significantly to 600mm while retaining the wide and deep excavator trough. Furthermore, the axle assembly has a height of just 1.1m in drive position and from here can be lowered by 140 mm or raised by 460 mm to maximise the ground clearance.

Nooteboom notes that the modified low loader is equipped with a completely new knee bearing system. The split knee axle is replaced by a one-piece knee axle, which makes it possible to increase the size of the knee bearing. The main benefit of this change is that a much longer lifespan of the knee bearing is guaranteed.

With the new PX2 low loader the risk of damaging the air reservoirs or hydraulic hoses in the axle assembly has virtually been eradicated. All air reservoirs are integrated in the central beam of the axle assembly and the hydraulic hoses are mounted in a totally different way which guarantees a much longer lifespan for the hydraulic hoses.

The company also says that the PX2 steering system, via turntables, gives it excellent manoeuvrability and tyre-lifespan.