July 23 - Seaway Heavy Lifting has installed the 14,000-tonne Siemens-built SylWin alpha platform to the west of Sylt in the North Sea using the float-over method.

The 14,000-tonne platform was transported on a pontoon that had been positioned between the jacket legs. Maritime service provider Dockwise was then responsible for installing SylWin alpha onto the legs of the jacket by ballasting the pontoon.

Heavy lifting company Mammoet also played a part in the job, using jacks to lift the platform into its final position on the jacket.

This was the first time that a platform as large as SylWin alpha has been installed in the North Sea using the float-over method, said ceo of Seaway Heavy Lifting, Jan Willem van der Graaf.

The 83 m long, 56 m wide and 26 m high SylWin alpha platform is the largest of its type, claims the company.

Earlier this year, Seaway Heavy Lifting used its crane vessel Oleg Strashnov to install the 5,800-tonne jacket.

The SylWin alpha converter platform will serve as a power socket for the DanTysk, Sandbank and Butendiek wind farms, which together comprise 240 wind turbines, said Seaway Heavy Lifting.