NYK and its group company NYK Business Systems (NBS) have developed a system for creating improved pure care and truck carrier (PCTC) sailing schedules.

The system assists coordinators by suggesting optimised schedules that may not be realised through conventional manual calculations. It acquires operational data on each vessel from other in-house systems.

Once the conditions are specified, such as calling ports and the number of loading or discharging units, the system carries out simulations that include multiple inputs — such as the most appropriate arrival time at port and most suitable navigation speed — to eventually obtain a schedule that best suits each vessel navigating multiple ports.

NYK said that utilisation of this system enables quicker decision making, as well as the accumulation and succession of knowledge in the long term. In addition, the system can determine schedules that minimise greenhouse gas emissions from vessels, helping NYK achieve its environmental goals.

“Development and improvement of several operation-assistance systems are parts of software innovation to achieve NYK’s environmental target, which is to reduce CO2 emissions per transportation unit by 50 percent by 2050,” the company said.