July 12 - Zurich, Switzerland based NBR Offshore Logistics has developed a new heavy lift transport system - the NBR-Crawler.

Four models of the heavy lift transporters are available to the market - the C250, C250b, C320 and C520.
The innovative modules have been developed in collaboration with the offshore industry in Asia and Europe for the transportation of loads weighing up to 20,000 tonnes.
The NBR-Crawler range has been designed to receive the payload in the middle of the chassis and come equipped with automatic leveling systems to keep the cargo stable. The units can be equipped with automatic weighing systems; corner weights and the centroid can be viewed on an electronic display. The maximum speed of NBR-Crawler is 0.53 kph when fully loaded.
Steelwind of Nordenham, Germany, a part of the Dillinger Group, has ordered eight heavy lift NBR-Crawlers, which will be delivered in November 2013.

A video of the C250 in action can be seen on the right hand side of this page.