October 20 - Wagenborg has completed the transport, transhipment and installation of a generator and gas turbine destined for the K

At the quayside in Cologne, the generator and gas turbine, which weighed 365 and 385 tonnes respectively, were lifted off an inland waterway vessel onto Wagenborg's SPMTs using the company's 750-tonne capacity Liebherr LR1750 crawler crane.

The SPMTs were assembled in a double connected 14 axle-line configuration, in order to carry the weight of the heavy loads. The cargo was then transported via road to the construction site at the power plant.

Once the components were on site, the generator and gas turbine were installed onto their foundations using a skidding system and a 500-tonne capacity gantry crane.

The 450 MW Köln-Niehl combined-cycle heat and power plant (CHP) is part of Germany's energy turnaround programme, and is scheduled to become operational and connected to the power grid in 2016.

Wagenborg will remain on site at the plant for the additional transhipment, transport and installation of several boiler units, stack parts and other modules.