February 16 - Readers are reminded that there is only one month remaining before the first in a series of two-day heavy transport and lifting seminars being given by heavy lift specialist and HLPFI columnist, Richard L. Krabbendam.

The first seminar will take place in Perth from the 19-20 March, followed by other seminars in Singapore from the 31 March - 1 April, Dubai from the 8-9 April, Houston from the 7-8 May and Frankfurt from the 25-26 June. 

Mr Krabbendam says that the seminars cover all basic principles on trailer stability, 3 and 4 point suspension systems, lifting loads with one, two or more cranes, sling forces, stability of the load, load-outs of extreme heavy loads and many other subjects. Safety and risk analysis, and improving the safety culture within organisations will also be presented in great detail.

Krabbendam says the seminars are ideal for construction managers, project engineers, risk assessment engineers, warrantee surveyors, crane and transport operators, freight forwarders and everyone who wants to learn how to handle heavy lifts safely and avoid costly accidents and project delays.

For complete information about the seminars visit http://www.heavyliftspecialist.com/extensive-seminar/