May 27 - Bati Shipping & Trading has transported seven 75-tonne Best transformers and other accessories from Balikesir in Turkey to Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Port.

The shipment comprised of 212 units with a total weight of 685 tonnes and volume of 1,500 cu m, including the seven transformers with the dimensions 7.85 m x 3.55 m x 3.95 m.

The scope of Bati's work included picking up the cargo from the Best factory in Balikesir and loading the transformers and accessories onto lowbed trailers, as well as performing all of the lashing, obtaining road permits and organising escorts.

The cargo was then transported via road to the Turkish port of Derince, where the consignment was loaded onto a heavy lift vessel and secured onboard for shipment to Jeddah.

At Jeddah Port, Bati also handled the discharge of the seven transformers and the other accessories.