October 27 - V. Alexander, Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) member in Bremen, Germany, has been busy this year exporting significant volumes of machinery from various European suppliers such as Voith and Siemens for a complete paper production factory near I

Total volumes to date are around 10,000 tonnes of breakbulk and a large amount of full containers.

In September, exports of around 4,000 tonnes included 33 packages, with weights from 21 tonnes up to 62 tonnes for the heaviest piece, the bottom frame of a press, were shipped from Hamburg on Chipolbrok Moon.

V. Alexander expects the shipments to continue until March 2011.

CEE is a global network for cargo equipment owners such as haulers, crane operators, tug and barge operators, stevedores and export packers, port operators and air cargo handling equipment owners and supporting industry, serving the heavy and outsized cargo industry.