March 3 - Stevedores at the Port of Antwerp took just half a day to unload a 69 m distillation column destined for a new production location at Evonik Degussa's Antwerp port distillation plant.

German petrochemical company Evonik Degussa provides continuous process catalysts (CPC) for the industrial chemical and intermediates industry.

The column, with a diameter of 4 m, weighed 260 tonnes and will be used in the production of isobutene. The unit arrived by barge at the port where unloading was commenced at dawn and completed by noon. The Port Authority's BRABO floating crane, which can lift project cargo and other heavy loads of up to 800 metric tonnes, was used for this shipment.

The production plant is located within the perimeter of the port so hinterland transport was not required.

A second column, slightly larger in dimensions, is planned to arrive in early May. Deliveries to the new installation will continue over time until completion of the project.