November 16 - Austrian heavylift and project equipment provider Prangl has worked for six months on one of Austria's most important power plant projects this year.

It has worked on the combined cycle power plant in Mellach, the waste-to-energy combined heat and power plant inLinz.

The plant in Linz is being constructed at the location of the existing Linz-Mitte district heating plant and will replace old plants that have been shut down. The upstream waste processing plant is being built on an adjacent piece of land at the tanker port. The power plant is designed to recover energy from around 150,000 tonnes of processed waste and the approximately 50,000 tonnes of sewage sludge generated by the Asten sewage treatment plant annually. After completion, the plant in Linz will supply some 37,000 households with electricity and around 11,000 households with heat.

During peak periods, up to 27 devices, including mobile cranes, working platforms and telescopic stackers, have been in utilised simultaneously. A small sample of the fleet on site has been a 500-tonne telescopic crane, a 300-tonne telescopic crane and a mobile building crane. Sudden changes in the installation process have required rapid reactions, says the company.