April 13 - The services of Specialized Rail Transport (SRT) were recently required by two clients, one wishing to transport a rotary dryer from USA to Canada and the other requiring two 14' storage vessels weighing a total of 563 tonnes lbs to be taken to

In the case of the dryer, clearance issues became an obstacle due to its width of 13' 6".

SRT overcame this by obtaining track agreements with the railroad, working with the customer to design transport saddles and solving problems related to customs clearances for project cargo.

Clearances were also a major aspect when arranging transport plans for the two stoarge vessels, but SRT worked to solve this shipment of the heavy lift items.

Other issues that arose were timing problems and the need to coordinate with various different transport means, both of which were successfully sorted out. 

Despite weather concerns, both projects arrived at the required destinations on schedule, an achievement that highlights the efficiency of transportation by rail claims SRT.