May 6 - Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada, in which Geodis-Wilson has a 50 percent shareholding, has won a major contract to move a drilling rig.

The freight forwarder will take on the challenging task of delivering the drilling rig to the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East.

Managing director of R&L Canada, Jan Beringer, has indicated that a lack of infrastructure in the area will be a challenge to the movement of the shipment, with the largest single piece reported to be in the region of 90 tonnes weight, although this is yet to be confirmed. 

"The site has no road access and the rig must be delivered via a beach landing and all equipment for mobilisation, including cranes and generators for power generation must be delivered in this way," Mr Beringer said.

"As the rig is being shipped in components, it is hard to say at this time what the largest single piece will be, but due to the beach landing aspect, any size of component will be a real challenge," he added.