July 13 - Working with Geodis Wilson and Jade Cargo International, Lufthansa Cargo Charter has airfreighted an intermediate shaft weighing 45 tonnes and measuring nine metres in length and two metres in height and breadth from Helsinki to Seoul.

Initially, the weight of the shipment suggested that an Antonov 124 would be required, but the eventual use of the Lufthansa Cargo Group's B7474-400s proved more cost-effective, claimed the company. 

A special cradle for the intermediate shaft was created to facilitate loading and unloading of the shipment, as well as guaranteeing ideal weight distribution in the aircraft. The lack of suitable high loaders in Helsinki, meant that a special frame was built up to the height of the loading area of the Boeing 747-400 to serve as a loading ramp. In Seoul, the cargo was unloaded with the aid of two high loaders and two cranes. 

According to Christian Fink, managing director of Lufthansa Cargo Charter Agency, this type of project shows clearly the level of expertise within the Lufthansa Cargo Group