November 10 - Sennebogen has launched its new 120-tonne capacity telescopic crawler crane - the 6113 E-series - which is the largest telescopic crawler that the company has manufactured.

With the new 6113, Sennebogen claims to have extended the maximum safe working load of its telescopic cranes by 50 percent.

The key advantage of the new machine, said the manufacturer, is its strong telescopic boom, which is designed as a "full-power boom". This system enables continuous telescoping and is always friction-locked, while the machine can also be set to any desired boom length via the joystick.

Due to a length of 40 m, the crane also covers a large work area. With the fly boom and lattice boom extensions, heights of up to 70 m can be achieved.

Another advantage of the crane, said Sennebogen, is its manoeuvrability in rough terrain. The crane is able to negotiate an incline of up to 4 degrees.

Moreover, in comparison with all-terrain and rough-terrain cranes, the telescopic crawler requires over 30 percent less space, and therefore is particularly advantageous on narrow construction sites. 

Sennebogen added that the model's easy transport is another benefit for crane rental companies. When the travelling gear is dismounted from the crane, the transport width is reduced to just 3 m.