May 19 - Lift & Shift Engineering Middle East (LSEME) - a joint venture between Lift & Shift India and OHI Group Oman - has completed the load out and transport of heavy offshore decks in Oman.

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) Modular Fabrication Facility (MFF) Oman awarded LSEME a contract for the transport and load out of five offshore decks and one bridge, with a total weight of 15,000 tonnes, at its fabrication yard in Sohar.

The modules were to be delivered to the ADMA site in Umm Lulu and Umm Kaasar in Abu Dhabi's offshore field.

The offshore decks had the following weights and dimensions: a 2,250-tonne unit measuring 27 m x 30 m x 23 m; a 3,050-tonne unit measuring 37 m x 24 m x 24 m; a 2,900-tonne unit measuring 35 m x 43 m x 33 m; a 3,600-tonne unit measuring 37 m x 37 m x 15 m; and a 2,600 tonne unit with the dimensions 37 m x 37 m x 15 m.

The bridge weighed in at 570 tonnes with the dimensions 85 m x 6 m x 6 m.

The scope of LSEME's work included the engineering of transport schematics for trailer arrangements, marine analysis to identify the suitability of barges and a final ballasting and loading plan for the load out of the modules.

The load out and transport of the offshore decks and bridge required the use of 152 axle lines of SPMTs, seven power pack units, 28 ballast pumps, four mooring winches and four barges.

LSEME explained that the transport of the 3,600-tonne offshore deck was particularly challenging as it was executed in the evening, but L&T organised lighting along the pathway so that the movement could be completed safely.