February 12 - Wiesbauer has completed a series of tests on a Vestas V126 wind turbine blade at the manufacturer's production facility in Lem, Denmark using a Scheuerle InterCombi SP with a rotor blade adapter.

With a length of 62 m and weight of 13.4 tonnes, the test resulted in a new world record for a clamped wind turbine blade on a rotor blade adapter of this type, said Scheuerle.

The second generation rotor blade adapter means that the position of the wind turbine blade can be adjusted without any loss of time during transportation, with the ability to be raised to an angle of 70 degrees in order to avoid obstacles en route.

Due to an integrated slew drive, the rotor blade can be rotated around tis longitudinal axis in order to provide as little wind resistance as possible, and a sensor issues a warning signal if a certain wind speed has been exceeded.

The Scheuerle rotor blade adapter can be mounted and driven on pulled platform trailer combinations as well as on self-propelled modules.