October 13 - Reshamsingh & Co has coordinated the delivery of heavy pieces for hydropower projects across India.

Power Grid Corporation of India placed a USD653.6 million order with power and automation group, ABB, for an ultra-high voltage direct current (UHVDC) transmission system. The link will supply hydropower from mountainous northeast India to the populous region of Agra in central India, 1,700 km away.
Reshamsingh & Co handled the transportation of a transformer tank from Mundra Port to a substation in Agra for the development.
It also moved a 12.55 m x 4.26 m x 4.53 m transformer weighing 310 tonnes from Kandla Port to Agra - a distance of around 1,700 km - using 16 axles. The shipment moved along a new heavy lift bypass road along which 132 bridges were constructed.
In a separate move, Reshamsingh & Co coordinated the delivery of two transformers weighing 337 tonnes each for the Siemens-led Ballia-Bhiwadi HVDC project, located in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan.
For this project Reshamsingh & Co moved the two units 1,500 km by road from BHEL Bhopal to Mundra port. The company had to build a ro-ro jetty at Mundra port before loading each transformer on a heavy-lift barge.
From there, two tug vessels delivered the consignment to Calcutta - approximately 2,500 nautical miles away - on India's east coast. Upon arrival a shallow draught tug was mobilised to pull the barge upstream to Ballia, where a second temporary ro-ro jetty was fabricated to roll off each transformer.
Reshamsingh & Co then completed the final leg of the journey, a 150 km haul by road. Each unit was safely jacked and slid from their respective trailers onto their final foundations, upon arrival at the final jobsite.
Reshamsingh & Co is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network, representing India.

Transformers loaded for the Siemens project