April 13 - The Rickmers Group has agreed a deal with the Telemar Group, through its German subsidiary Telemar GmbH, to install broadband satellite systems across its fleet of more than 100 vessels.

The contract will feature the delivery and installation of a customised hardware solution including Thrane & Thrane FleetBroadband 500 terminals, as per Rickmers' specifications.

Satellite airtime will be provided through Telemar's partner Vizada, until the end of 2014.

Rickmers says that it will use the system to integrate and manage its communications and networking infrastructure.

The system architecture has been designed to be 'future-proof', with an integrated and scalable set-up to allow for flexibility in meeting future requirements.

Rickmers also intends to utilise the system to pursue continuous optimisation and enhancement goals, which may potentially include further technological options in the future.