July 8 - Germany headquartered shipping line SAL Heavy Lift (SAL) has executed two projects recently - the loading of workboats in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and the delivery of a boiler for an FPSO vessel in Hamburg, Germany.

In the Netherlands, two workboats with a combined weight of nearly 700 tonnes were lifted directly from the water onto the vessel Paula, berthed at the port of Rotterdam. The Multicat vessel measured 27 m x 12 m x 18 m and weighed 468 tonnes; a second Shoalbuster tipped the scales at 438 tonnes and measured 32 m x 10 m x 19 m.
Paula is now en route to Muscat, Oman to deliver her cargoes.
SAL's heavy lift vessel Frauke delivered an 850-tonne boiler to the Blohm + Voss repair shipyard at the Port of Hamburg (pictured). Measuring 24 m x 17 m x 26 m the boiler was discharged onto the Hamburg terminal.
The boiler will be used on an FPSO vessel, which is being upgraded on site in a 17-month life extension programme. The heavy boiler was lifted aboard the FPSO using a floating crane.

SAL  delivers 850-tonne boiler to Hamburg