April 2 - In a round-up of activities to date, global heavy lift crane operator Sarans has revealed a number of operations using the company's range of cranes.

In Poland, the heaviest ever reactor lift performed with a crawler crane saw Sarans lift a 1,360 tonne reactor at the Lotos refinery, Gdansk. The event made national news as two national Polish TV channels covered the lift. Two days later, a second reactor, weighing 1,100 tonnes was lifted with no difficulty.

Sarens Polska assembled two 0.75MW wind turbines for Windword at Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland. It was the first turbine of that kind ever assembled in Poland, notes the company.

In the US, Sarans trailers were used transport 15 furnace modules totalling 1,570 tonnes from the quayside at Benicia, California for delivery to the Valero Refinery.