October 15 - SBM Offshore has chosen Blue Water Shipping as the logistics provider for two FPSO projects, the largest contracts in SBM's history.

The two companies have previously collaborated on several projects and Blue Water Shipping has provided logistics solutions for the construction of FPSO vessels for many years.

The project involves Blue Water Shipping's offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Esbjerg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Marseilles.

The company will be responsible for handling the transport of equipment and spare parts from all over the world to the shipyard in the Far East, where part of the construction will take place.

From the shipyard, the FPSO will be sailed to Brazil for the final part of construction, where Blue Water Shipping will handle the delivery of additional components.

"One of the challenges is to foresee and be ready for the various peak seasons that will come during the lifetime of the project. It requires a very flexible workforce and a great amount of flexibility within the company," says Thomas Bek, global manager of oil and gas at Blue Water Shipping.