March 03 - SCHEUERLE has recently received an order for a heavy duty low-bed trailer combination from the Sicilian forwarder Trasporti Terminali Siciliani S.r.l.

This fifth wheel combination, designed for a payload capacity of up to 170 tons, consists of a removable, hydraulic universal gooseneck, a 3-axle platform trailer in front, a telescopically adjustable excavator deck and a 5-axle platform trailer unit at the rear.


Equipped with the most up-to-date pendulum axle technology, the heavy duty fifth wheel allows the highest flexibility despite its enormous length of over 34 m, due to the extreme steering angle of 60° on the pendulum axles, which is an essential advantage when moving on the winding roads at sites in Sicily.


The delivery of this heavy duty transport combination to Sicily represents the continuation of a long-term, favourable relationship in the Italian market.