April 5 - Schmidbauer, the German crane rental and specialised transportation company, has moved a large transformer through Wiesbaden's narrow streets, as well as tight passageways within an electricity substation.

The company ustilised a six-axle platform trailer combination to deliver the transformer for Regensberg-based manufacturer Starkstrom-Gerätebau.

Two mobile cranes were used to lift the 76 tonnes transformer onto a Scheuerle trailer, which consisted of a 2-axleInterCombi module and a 4-axle InterCombi PowerBooster unit for the prime mover.

InterCombi PowerBoosters 60 degree steering angle was controlled remotely to manoeuvre the trailer through the narrow streets and between rows of parked cars on Wiesbaden Helenenstrasse.

On arrival at the substation, the trailer was manoeuvred through thetight entrance and into position by placing rails under its wheels before using wire rope winches to position the unit.

Scheuerle says the PowerBooster can be used as an SPMT or easily coupled to conventional InterCombi axles for use as a supporting pusher machine in a trailer combination.

Loading of the InterCombi PowerBooster combination from Scheuerle

Positioning the transformer using special rails