May 11 - The Project Cargo Network (PCN) member for Turkey, SDV Horoz has completed the shipment of a transformer, pictured below, weighing over 170 tonnes to Germany from Turkey.

This project required special handling at the destination, including the use of a floating crane with a 600 tonne lift capacity to assist in the pier-to-pier transhipment. The transformer was then loaded onto a 15-axle hydraulic trailer and offloaded onto its foundations at the final delivery site.

The company has also managed the shipment of a 300 tonne engine, pictured below, from Trieste, Italy to Samsun, Turkey. The transformer was 14.52 m in length, 4.1 m wide x 6.45 m high. This project also included the transport of a 72 tonne alternator from Mantyluoto, Finland, and saw SDV Horoz handle offloading and installation onto the foundations.