April 29 - Seven Seas Shipping - member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Jordan and Iraq - has shifted seven heavy modules from Mokpo port, South Korea to Baghdad, Iraq.

The modules, built for Iraq's Midland Refineries Company, weighed a combined 6,907.8 tonnes and were transported on a chartered vessel to Umm Qasr, southern Iraq.
The largest module measured 26.36 m x 7.71 m x 8.58 m with the smallest unit measuring 14.66 m x 4.04 m x 7.1 m.
Upon arrival at the Iraqi gateway, the modules were loaded on to seven heavy-duty low bed trailers for onward transportation to the Baghdad refinery - a distance of 850 km.
A number of high voltage power lines had to be disconnected during the transport to allow the oversize consignment to pass. Additionally, 14 pedestrian bridges were removed from along the route. Multiple diversions were made for the over-dimensional units, in cooperation with police and private escorting companies.
The modules were delivered to the Midland Refineries Company jobsite after a 30-day road haulage.